E-RF Wireless

This series of continuous-duty base station, link transmitter and specialized mobile radio power amplifiers are designed to operate with any FCC-type accepted exciter. They also may be combined with optional plug-in control boards and exciter to provide a complete base station, link transmitter or SMR application in the same package as the power amplifier. All feature a small footprint that allows easy deployment in most existing cabinets. They are available in 72, 150, and 450 MHz versions with power levels from 50 W to 500 W depending on frequency.

Andrew Corp.

The OneBase Cell Extender is a high-power, multi-carrier power amplifier that utilizes feed-forward amplifier correction technology in both the cellular and PCS frequency bands and can transmit CDMA, GSM and all 3G air-interface protocols simultaneously. The OneBase product line also includes the OneBase Macroshelf — an open standard solution that integrates the RF transceiver, power amplification, filtering, combining, and associated RF shelf hardware — the OneBase Pico (a single-carrier picocell wireless base station) and the OneBase Micro and OneBase Remote Radio Head — both complete microcell wireless base stations.

TPL Communications

The Smart RXR is the latest addition to the RXR Series of continuous-duty RF power amplifiers. The Smart RXR adds the following features: controlled output levels, amplifier protection, local failure monitoring and outputs for remote monitoring, and will accept any of the company's standard amplifiers from VHF low band through 960 MHz, with output levels of up to 125 W. The Smart RXR fits into a 7-inch vertical rack space, has a circuit breaker/on-off switch, five LED indicators located on the front panel and a self-contained switching power supply.

Crescend Technologies

A high-end amplifier for two-way radio communications features a C5 chassis and employs thermal management, voltage standing wave radio protection and a closed loop power control, which enables it to provide better and more consistent performance across the entire bandwidth.