New Year, new issue, new directions. We live in urgent times and, as the pundits say, velocity matters. We understand the velocity of your world and how it so often requires compelling, immediate action. We at MRT live in a world of deadlines and have our own sense of urgency, but no one's life is on the line here. (O.K., maybe my job is, but that's a different story.)

We realize your work world has a different magnitude of urgency, and that's why we do our best each month to bring you the latest developments regarding the technology, policy, and operational trends and issues shaping the urgent communications that define your work life. The tagline of our publication clearly says what we do — “Urgent Communications: Service, Safety, Security.” We understand urgent communications — the absolute need for them in a world gone mad, the vital importance of the labyrinth of networks, systems and applications that not only are essential to serving the public good, but also to keeping all of us safe and secure — and that includes the first responder, military and homeland security personnel who have dedicated their lives to protecting us and our property.

We also understand the thirst for knowledge that fuels technology advancement in the urgent communications sector — and our important role in helping our readers gain that knowledge every month, every week (in MRT Bulletin) and every day (online at

Speaking of security, it is an ever-moving target in today's world, as the threats are numerous, real and seemingly never-ending. Consequently, your mission to provide crucial communications when they're needed — wherever, whenever, every time — to support the security effort has been greatly expanded. Unfortunately, available resources are not always commensurate with the task. Our job, then, is to lighten your load — and help you get the most out of what you do have to work with — by providing the insight and analysis you need to stay ahead of the curve.

This January issue is no exception, as we examine the latest in video systems (in our Technology section, which begins on page 22), a unique brand of communications training for dispatch personnel (in Operations, page 38), strategies for managing broadband networks (in our popular Tech Speak feature, page 36) and location and tracking systems — which are becoming ever more important — in Spotlight, part of our Products section that begins on page 50.

Before I run out of space, let me wish you a happy, safe and secure New Year. We are always improved by your comments and suggestions, so we ask you to keep them coming in '08. We're looking forward to the opportunity to serve those who serve us so well.