British choose BlackBerry for encrypted data transmission

Employees of the British government will now use Research In Motion’s BlackBerry hand-held devices and related services for the transmission of restricted, wireless data. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution lets government employees access wireless data embedded with security tools, including Triple Data Encryption Standard and Advanced Encryption Standard methods. Data remains encoded during wireless transmissions between the BlackBerry enterprise server and the hand-held, providing for the secure transmission of data, according to RIM.

California county adopts interoperable, regional communications system

Alameda County, Calif., adopted Motorola’s 800 MHz trunked radio network built to meet Project 25 standards for public safety. The digital radio system replaces the county’s analog radio network and provides a regional communications system across multiple jurisdictions. First responders and related government agencies will now have access to interoperable communications throughout the East Bay area, according to Motorola. The company also said the network was designed to meet the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFECOM guidelines for interoperability.

Cisco pitches partnership on WLAN and wired VoIP technologies

Silicon Valley-based Cisco Systems announced its intention to partner with other technology leaders to develop seamless WLAN and wired VoIP technologies under its Compatible Extensions Program. The program will allow participating companies to leverage Cisco platforms. All participating companies must meet Cisco specifications and undergo testing at an independent third-party lab to be considered, Cisco said, adding that Intel, Nokia and Research In Motion have expressed interest in the program.

Routers offer security, wireless network functionality

Siemens introduced the 5881 Broadband and 5883 Wireless Broadband Security Routers. Both routers include an ICSA-compliant firewall, encryption capabilities and wireless-network functionality. The products also include multi-SSID 801.11-radio support for up to four virtual 802.11g/b radios operating on separate VLANs, according to the company.

FreeLinc products now available on DoD EMALL

FreeLinc’s product line is now available on the Department of Defense’s Electronic Commerce Mall. The e-commerce site targets military, homeland security and first responder personnel.