Motorola launches multi-function mobile communications device

Motorola released the i670, its newest multi-function mobile communications device. The clamshell-type device features an all-black design and touts a large internal 130x130 color display. Features include the original push-to-talk communication, an integrated assisted GPS navigation system with fleet-tracking latitude and longitude coordinates and direct talk, an off-network digital walkie-talkie capable of creating temporary short-range virtual networks. The group walkie-talkie aspect lets users conference with as many as 20 people, according to Motorola. In addition, the device uses JAVA to download interactive applications and has multimedia messaging services for the transmittal of text, sound and video.

The company also launched its G24 module with EDGE technology for the machine-to-machine industry. It is a RoHS-compliant, quad-band GSM wireless module ruggedized for use in harsh environments.

Aruba and AirWave offer Wi-Fi network management tool

Aruba Networks and AirWave integrated products to develop an end-to end management tool for Wi-Fi networks. The tool provides enterprises currently using a distributed WLAN architecture consisting of several stand-alone access points with a migration path to Mobile Edge, a WLAN architecture for enterprise mobility across the LAN, WAN and Internet. It combines Aruba’s next-generation enterprise wireless product line and AirWave’s Wireless Management Suite to deliver the first non-disruptive upgrade path to a centralized WLAN, according to the companies.

Jo-Ann Stores implement Symbol mobile platform

Symbol Technologies’ Mobility Services Platform, mobile computers and Wi-Fi network infrastructure has been deployed at 278 Jo-Ann Stores. The system utilizes the company’s MC3000 mobile computer, WS2000 wireless switches and AP300 access ports to serve as its Wi-Fi infrastructure. The platform is used to manage the complete system, from handheld devices to wireless infrastructure, according to Symbol.

Power cooperative upgrades to a trunked radio system

North Dakota-based Basin Electric Power Cooperative, a wholesale power supplier, awarded its Utilities Project contract to Tait. The cooperative will replace its existing conventional radio system with a new Tait MPT 1327 Trunked System throughout its 1791-mile territory and 1867 miles of transmission. The system includes repeaters, as well as mobile, portable and fixed-base field units and Line Dispatch Terminals running on the UHF band.

Dell’s mini-card is five times the speed, twice the range of 802.11g

Dell unveiled an internal wireless mini-card capable of delivering up to five times the speed and twice the range of the 802.11g Wi-Fi technology standard. The Dell Wireless 1500 Draft 802.11n wireless card features a next-generation wireless technology included in the 1.0 draft of the IEEE 802.11n specification. Faster speeds and increased range are enabled by an antenna system that manages the transmission and receipt of multiple simultaneous data streams (Multi-Input, Multi-Output, or MIMO), according to Dell. It costs $59.

Sheriffs’ offices use wireless surveillance systems

Five Central Florida Sheriffs’ Offices deployed Charys Technologies’ Tactical Wireless Surveillance Solution during two Fourth of July festivals in Seminole County, Fla. The company worked with public-safety personnel to develop a portable communications solution used for surveillance at community events or public-safety incidents. The solution consists of video cameras and wireless nodes placed throughout the designated area, as well as a mobile command center housing the network management controls and viewing stations for real-time monitoring.