Companies partner on NASA-sponsored project

MachineTalker and Theseus Logic demonstrated a new sensor system capable of merging wireless, intelligent-sensor technology and low-powered, wireless micro-controllers. The development represents the first phase of a project—funded by a NASA-sponsored SBIR (small business innovation research) grant—to develop remote monitoring and broadcast mesh networks for use by governments and other organizations needing to maintain status checks on equipment and personnel in harsh and difficult to reach environments.

In the second phase, Theseus will incorporate its low powered processor, a new IEEE 802.15.4 radio chip, and the MachineTalker networking technology to significantly reduce power consumption relative to existing products, the companies said. Low power consumption is critical for operational longevity in battery-powered remote sensors, data acquisition and control systems.

Universities distribute hand-helds to students

Sprint Nextel and Rave Wireless developed a handheld communication system for students and faculty at Allen University in South Carolina and University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Full-time students will be given GPS-enabled handsets preloaded with data applications, including course information and in-class assessments.

Time-logging solution offers NTPv4 protocol

Spectracom unveiled the NetClock 9200 series of master clocks and time servers. The product line offers centralized logging and the NTPv4 protocol, which provides legally traceable time standards to primary and secondary PSAPs, consolidated centers and mobile command vehicles.