Emergency communications systems provider CML Emergency Services today announced an agreement to provide equipment to public-safety answering points (PSAPs) throughout the state of Montana.

Montana has opted to use CML’s IP-based Patriot solution, which will make the PSAPs in the state Phase II wireless compliant. The agreement marks CML’s third statewide deployment—a growing trend in an industry in which cooperation between jurisdictions is becoming increasingly critical, according to a CML press release. Montana is the first statewide deal for CML using Patriot, which was unveiled in August.

“The need for an IP-based 911 system was painfully evident during the tragic events on the Gulf Coast,” said Steve Panyko, CML President and Chief Executive Officer. “Multiple organizations needed to collaborate on plans, coordinate responses and rapidly execute, and that’s much easier to do in an IP environment.

“Montana PSAPs will have the world’s most advanced tools to dynamically gain information from emergency callers and rapidly determine the most effective actions to take. They’ll be part of a network environment and could actually take over for one another in the event of a disaster where a PSAP was lost. That’s the power of Patriot.”