Your Virtual Booth Listing
The purchase of your booth entitles you to a full company listing that will appear in both the official IWCE 2003 Show Directory and in the Virtual Booths on this website. You can edit or add to your listing at any time. Your listing will be used for the Directory as it appears on January 6, 2003.
This information will ONLY change in your virtual booth and directory listing. It will not affect mailing or invoicing.

How to Edit Your Virtual Booth Listing

1. Click on the administrative link,

2. Enter your username and password, and click on the "login" button. If you haven't yet received it, your personal login can be obtained from Margaret DeRose.

3. Next, click on the "Vendor" option - this will bring up your current listing

4. To edit your listing, click on the "Edit" button next to the section you wish to edit (i.e. Contact Information). When finished editing a section, click on the "Next" button located at the bottom of the screen.

5. IMPORTANT: When selecting categories, choose Exhibition Sites. This will bring you to a screen containing a list of PRIMEDIA shows. At the top in the drop down menu labeled "Select Category", choose IWCE. Once selected, a list of IWCE categories will appear. To select a category, highlight that category and click on the down arrow. That category will then appear in the bottom field. To remove a category, highlight that category in the bottom field and click the up arrow. Do not remove the letter under which your company is alphabetized. When you have selected all of your categories click on the "Assign" button at the bottom of the screen and then click the "Next" button.

Please note: The system is closed for maintenance every Tuesday from 8:00 - 11:00 EST.

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