Almost a month after systems integration tests were completed on the first phase of the New York statewide wireless network (SWN) system built by Tyco Electronics M/A-COM, evaluation of the tests will be released during the SWN Advisory Council meeting at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow. If the evaluation is positive, the state is expected to conduct a users’ test in January. If the evaluation is negative, the state could opt to nix the $2 billion contract

With the FCC canceling its open meeting scheduled for this week, the wireless E911 location-accuracy item officially is in limbo. However, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel already agreed to adhere to countywide location-accuracy requirements as a condition of the companies’ recent deals with Alltel and Clearwire, respectively, said Robert Gurss, director of legal and government affairs for the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO)

While the FCC’s lack of action on the 700 MHz D Block has been a focal point in the industry, the agency also has not indicated its intentions regarding two related items: funding for the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST) and the spectral relocation of public-safety agencies operating narrowband systems in the band. During an interview with Urgent Communications, PSST Chairman Harlin McEwen said “we’re just waiting for the transition” to the Obama administration regarding his organization’s funding issue—which advisor Cyren Call Communications is willing to address if permitted by the FCC. McEwen was more outspoken about the plight facing 700 MHz narrowband users: “I don’t think anybody’s paying attention that these [narrowband users] are sitting in the middle of no-place in terms of narrowband funding. It’s really kind of sad.”

One area where the FCC is expected to take some action is to release rules governing the allocation of the interleaved channels being vacated by Sprint Nextel as part of 800 MHz rebanding. APCO’s Gurss said he believes a public notice regarding the application process for the spectrum will be released before the holidays. “The only thing that has held that up is that there has been some activity among the [spectrum] coordinators to nail down procedures.”