Rohde & SchwarzTypically, when one thinks about a cellular network survey, it is performed by network operators either driving or walking around. Mobile phones have become an everyday requirement for most people, so access to an available network is critical. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, governmental agencies and first responders may need to assess network availability and damage. Additionally, law enforcement groups require more sophisticated investigation tools to address criminal activity that use both authorized and unauthorized cellular networks. Rohde & Schwarz offers a small form factor, self-contained, battery-powered monitoring system that includes onboard software and storage. This system has been designed to perform tasks specific to the needs of public authorities. Its small size and low power consumption makes it perfect for vehicles, trains, aircraft (fixed or rotary winged), ships, and on foot operation. The system allows for either a real-time or an autonomous mode of operation.

Download this whitepaper now to learn how the NESTOR platform can be used by law enforcement, government, and other public authorities to overcome the challenges of analyzing mobile radio networks in difficult environments.