Technology forecaster Daniel Burrus shared his insights into the future of innovation when he delivered the opening keynote for IWCE 2014 in Las Vegas.

Burrus heads a research and consulting firm that advises Fortune 500 companies—giants such as Microsoft, Google, GE, Toshiba and Proctor & Gamble are clients—about technology in a manner that help their leadership make key strategic decisions. With so many potential variables to consider during times of significant change, it can be difficult for leaders to make choices. This often results in stagnation, according to Burrus.

“When you’re uncertain—regardless whether you’re in government, first response or private enterprise--you don’t write checks, you don’t say ‘Yes,’ you don’t hire, you don’t expand, you don’t start new businesses and you don’t know what equipment to buy,” Burrus said during an interview prior to IWCE. “However, the opposite is true with certainty. When you are certain, you have confidence. When you are certain, you can move forward; you’re not trapped."

During his presentation, Burrus encouraged attendees to embrace innovation and make decisions on hard trends—not fads—when making strategic decisions regarding technology.

In addition, Burrus shared five predictions about technological development that he believes will become reality during the next five years.


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